Create a Sensual Sanctuary

Create a Sensual Sanctuary

A LUVVU mirror transforms a bedroom into a boudoir; it’s sleek and stylish design makes it the seductive centrepiece to your intimate escapades, providing an erotic visual perspective of your pleasure. For even more seductive surroundings, here are some ideas for creating your own sensual sanctuary.


Put your phone away


Banish screens and electronic devices, they may be an extension of your right (or left) hand, but mobiles, tablets and laptops are proven to be a distraction from intimacy. If you’re making time for love; leave technology out, that way you can stay focused on your own and your partner’s pleasure.



Upgrade your bed sheets


It was global sex icon Madonna who sang ‘Satin sheets are very romantic’, and she’s right, the silky smoothness of satin sheets on a bed invite sensual indulgence and erotic exploration, and when satin sheets are combined with an equally luxurious fabric such as cashmere, your sensual sanctuary will exude sophisticated sex appeal.




Invest in arousing artwork


The term erotic art is a subjective one, for some people it conjures up images of pornography, and of course that’s not necessarily to everyone’s liking. If you prefer something more subtle, but still want the art in your sensual sanctuary to be arousing, go for luscious imagery of ripe and blossoming nature. If you need inspiration take a look at the gorgeous paintings of artists such as Georgia O’Keefe and Robert Mapplethorpe, their work is part of a long tradition which in which flowers symbolise eroticism.



Tidy up


In a study by Columbia University for 80% of couples mess and disorganisation caused tension in their relationship; and for most of us untidy surroundings are a turn off. Clothes which need to be put away, and washing which is meant to be in the laundry basket are a passion distraction which can be easily dealt with; keep your sensual sanctuary as clear and tidy as possible in order to make room for your own pleasure and indulgence.

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