Here are some indulgent ideas for each of your senses, created especially for you to enjoy more sensual intimacy…


Did you know that on average a human has around 10,000 taste buds on their tongue, and that they are replaced around every two weeks? Our taste buds are incredibly sensitive and savouring the flavours we already experience during intimacy and foreplay in particular will make the sweet spots even sweeter!

As you use your tongues to explore each other put a sweet & sour sweet in your mouth, pass it backwards and forwards, enjoy the tingling sensation and rub it over your partners’ erogenous zones to lick the taste away.



Above all the other senses, touch is the sensation we most associate with sex and intimacy. Feeling your own skin against your partners, embracing each other with your arms and legs and giving and receiving pleasure with your hands and bodies  are how many of us achieve sexual gratification. When we indulge all our sense at the same time your sense of touch is heightened and your pleasure even greater.

The art of Tantric massage takes touch beyond feeling and elevates it to achieve a level of sexual spiritualty, often culminating in a ‘whole body orgasm’. In their guide to practising tantric sex Tantric experts Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson recommend spending 60 minutes on a sensual tantric massage to discover ‘new sources of pleasure’, for a deeper physical and spiritual connection.


Smells can be extremely evocative and trigger emotions, sensations and memories; in fact your sense of smell is the strongest of all your senses. Introducing scents to the environment where you are intimate makes it all the more welcoming. Everyone is different so different smells can cause different reactions; it could be the smell of freshly cut grass that gets you feeling frisky, or maybe it’s pungent patchouli oil that turns you on.

A study by The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago found that a combination of cucumber and liquorice triggered the most erotic response in men and women. Alternatively focus on your own smells; pheromones are the unique chemicals we all release and years of scientific research has revealed that we are subliminally attracted to the pheromones of our sexual partners; these can be masked by the scents we apply such as perfume and aftershave so avoid these next time you’re together and have your desire heightened by each other’s natural aromas.


It was William Shakespeare who wrote ’If music be the food of love, play on’, so even back in the 1500’s it would seem that our ancestors recognised the sensual side of music. Throughout history music has been used as a soundtrack to seduction and romance, and the science behind its effectiveness was proved in a study by McGill university; it found that listening to music promotes the feel good brain chemical dopamine and also stimulates signs of arousal.


We’ve all got our favourite sexy songs, here’s the LUVSENSE london playlist:

Let’s Get it On – Marvin Gaye

Cream – Prince

I Wanna Sex you up – Colour me Badd

Wicked Game – Chris Issac

Go All Night – Gorgon City


New York adult therapist Niloo Darashti says that ‘Sex is an erotic act, and watching it makes it even more erotic’, and for many adults the visual aspect of sex is as important as the physical side; in fact our research revealed that for 69% of people seeing was the most important of all the senses when they’re with their partner.

We created the LUVVU mirror because visually connecting with your lover during intimacy takes pleasure to a whole new level. Seeing what you’re feeling and how your partner reacts to your touch is incredibly sensual; it can bring you closer together both physically and emotionally. Introducing a visual element to intimacy can also help fulfil voyeuristic fantasies, where you can watch and be watched at the same time, or even recreate the experience of group sex without the potential risks, and your own reflection providing the feeling of more people joining in the fun.

Sex and relationship writer Gigi Engle says that using a mirror during for sex is ‘a multifaceted sexual experience that engages nearly all of your senses’, the equivalent of enjoying everything we’ve suggested in this blog and watching your pleasure unfold, literally before your eyes.

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