LUVVU mirror in the press

April 2017

11 Sex Toys That Will Bust You Out Of A Dry Spell.

Coleen Singer, writer from Erotic Scribes and recommended the LUVVU mirror in her list, she says it will ‘add a bit of voyeurism to your lovemaking’.



January 2017

Hot or not: Could watching yourself having sex in a mirror improve your lovelife?

We sent a LUVVU mirror to journalist Violet Fenn to try out. She had her reservations, but she gave it a go, and guess what- she loved it! According to Violet ‘installing a mirror that is actually intended to be used for sex (rather than just happened to be in the room) is a turn on in itself’.



January 2017

Kinky Valentine’s Day Ideas

New Yorker Aly Walansky included the LUVVU mirror in her ideas for a Valentine’s Day that’s less about chocolate and flowers, and more sexy fun. Aly says that watching yourselves play is ‘incredibly exciting and fun’.


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