Luxurious Hotel Suites with Mirrored Ceilings- Your European Guide

Mirrored ceilings have lots of connotations; opulent and palatial hotel suites, saucy strip clubs, love motels, luxurious honeymoon suites, and what do all these places have in common?

They’re using ceiling mirrors for added pleasure, enjoyment and let’s face it sexier sex!

A reflection from above of the pleasure below can be the ultimate addition for lovers seeking new thrills for their playtime.

Inspired by the seductive experience of mirrored ceilings, we created the LUVVU mirror for adults who want to be able to enjoy their own ceiling mirror.

Naturally we believe that adults everywhere should have a LUVVU mirror to enhance intimacy and enjoyment in their bedrooms, and to be able to recreate an element of the luxurious surroundings of some of the stunning and seductive hotel rooms with mirrored ceilings from around the world, which we take a look at below…

Styled by Kraken Rum, the Kraken Lair in Brighton’s legendary Hotel Pelirocco is the ‘ultimate destination for a dirty weekend or luxurious getaway’. Not only does this immense suite have 3 rooms for its guests to indulge in, and a pole dancing area, above its 8 foot bed you’ll find a round framed mirror, which is almost as big as the bed below.



From our research we know that mirrored ceilings are a staple feature in many of the most decadent hotel rooms, and the Fashion Victim Suite in Ibiza’s uber chic Ushuaïa hotel complex is no exception. Located in the Ushuaïa Tower, the Fashion Victim Suite has no room for inhibitions anywhere. The shower is in the middle of the room, and the entire ceiling is adorned with round and oval mirrors, which according to Ushuaïa ‘reflect any dream you could possibly imagine. Carnal or otherwise’ .



Synonymous with romance and arguably the most sought after city by lovers, it’s not surprising that Paris has an impressive choice of stylish hotels, fit for seduction and passion.

The Seven Hotel has a choice of suites, including the Sublime, Eden and Charlotte, in 2014 it opened the Secret Agent Suite With a ‘mythical atmosphere’ and ‘futuristic design’ The Secret Agent suite has dedicated the design of its lush interior to James Bond, who no doubt enjoys many rendezvous which involve a ceiling mirror, which is exactly why the suite has a large square mirror over its bed.

Perfect for guest to indulge their favourite crime fighting fantasies.



The Sanctum Hotel in Soho is one of London’s most luxurious boutique hotels, its decedent interior, roof top hot tub and private cinema has earned the Sanctum its well-deserved rock and roll reputation!

For guests who want to enjoy a thoroughly grown-up stay, the highly seductive Suite 404 provides the ideal accommodation. With sumptuous décor and plush furnishings, Suite 404 also has on display a unique and voyeuristic exhibition by celebrity photographer Ray Burniston. And what about a mirrored ceiling?

Suite 404 is the only hotel in the world where guests can enjoy a LUVVU mirror, and they’d love to have you to stay…..



For reservations of Suite 404 please contact the Sanctum Hotel

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