There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to affairs of the bedroom,

and what one person finds a pleasure, others will quite literally see it as pain. The joy of sex is that there’s no wrong or right way to do it, just as long as it’s consensual and safe, the world is your oyster!

According to the World Health Organisation, there are roughly 100 million acts of sexual intercourse each day, but with the majority of sex going on under the covers and behind closed doors it’s not surprising that we find facts and figures relating to sex shocking / bizarre / funny.

Firm believers in demystifying sex and that there’s no such thing as ‘normal’, we’ve curated our favourite sex stats and facts below.


British researchers have found that the average penis length is 5.6 inches when erect, which is impressive considering the average speed of ejaculation is almost 30 miles per hour.
small willyWhen it comes to quality not quantity, owners of less than average penises now have dedicated gatherings where they can come together to celebrate their manhood. In March 2015 Ant Smith organised his Big Small Penis Party, and in Brooklyn New York things get competitive at an annual pageant with the winning prize of $300 going to the man with the smallest penis.

Another event involving a lot of men with their willies out was at the filming of The World’s Biggest Gang Bang, where porn star Annbel Chong participated in 251 sex acts with about 70 men over a ten-hour period.

If Annabelle is anything like the 71 women who were surveyed by British researchers then not all her pleasure was genuine…the study revealed that 80% of the women involved had faked orgasms during intercourse at least half of the time.

phone sexThis is in contrast to the more positive findings of Lelo’s Global Sex Survey which found that 76% of women told their partner exactly what they want in bed and 73% of women had enjoyed phone sex.

We can only imagine what John Harvey Kellogg would have made of this. The Doctor better known for his contribution to breakfast cereals held strong beliefs that sex and even more so masturbation seriously damaged health; in fact he invented cornflakes in the 19th century to prevent people playing with themselves. CornflakesClearly Dr. Kellogg’s cornflake crusade failed, which is a good job as studies have shown all sorts of benefits to masturbation including better sex and improved immunity.

And just in case you ever over-indulge in your favourite cereal, you’ll need to allow yourself half an hour of nookie, around the amount of time it’ll take you to burn off 200 calories, which of course will be even more enjoyable if you’re using a LUVVUmirror

In a recent survey by Metro which asked readers if they’d had sex while looking in a mirror, 53% responded yes and they loved it and 35% said they hadn’t but they’d give it a go. Only 6% of responded that they didn’t like mirror sex.

Our own research found that 94% of adults agreed using a mirror enhances intimacy, and 87% of people who have their own LUVVUmirror told us that it has improved their sex lives.


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