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Luvvu Mirror

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Luvvu Mirror

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The LUVVU mirror is a sleek, stylish, round bedroom ceiling mirror that’s been designed to enhance your intimacy. With a choice of two reflections to enjoy, and its height and angle adjustable for a range of viewing options, the LUVVU mirror means you can visually experience your sexual pleasure, and take it to a whole new level. When not in use the LUVVU mirror can be effortlessly detached from the ceiling and discreetly stored.

  • Adds a visual dynamic to playtime
  • One LUVVU mirror has a choice of two reflections to enjoy
  • Intensifies pleasure and heightens passion
  • Sleek, stylish and highly discreet when not in use

Created for the very romantic to the most adventurous of lovers, the LUVVU mirror is a unique detachable ceiling mirror which will enhance your intimacy. Its seductive reflection from above allows you to visually experience your pleasure, and brings a new and erotic dynamic to your enjoyment.

Designed for easy installation and effortless assembly the LUVVU mirror safely attaches to the ceiling by its patent pending connector. Measuring 70cm in diameter the LUVVU mirror has a choice of either an erotic red or sublime silver reflection to enjoy, and its height and angle are both adjustable for a range of enhanced viewing options. The reflective part of the LUVVU mirror is made from premium US acrylic mirror to provide an optimum reflection, and it’s both lightweight and shatterproof.

The innovative design of the LUVVU mirror makes it a safe and discreet alternative to an ordinary ceiling mirror; when not is use it can be safely removed from the ceiling and stored flat in its protective bags, so you can keep your playtime private. When it’s detached all that remains visible is its small white fixture on the ceiling.

Recent Reviews
  1. Luvvu Mirror
    The Luvvu mirror is well made, easy to install and above all, incredibly sexy.
    The Luvvu mirror is well made, easy to install and above all, incredibly sexy. It's beautifully designed and lends an air of pure decadence to the room. I particularly love the flattering view on the red side of the mirror and the way that the angle is easily adjustable. And it’s so easy to take down and stash away! Because of this, it is actually out more often than not, because I know I can hide it at very short notice if needs be. I’m very impressed with the overall aesthetic of this product and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.
    (Review by Violet Fenn)
  2. Luvvu Mirror
    Beautiful, sensual, well-made and ingenious.
    The LUVVU mirror comes in a beautiful branded box and it’s very securely packaged. You can tell instantly that this is a product of superior quality. It just looks glamorous, it transformed the feel of our bedroom to feeling indulgently decadent and sexually welcoming. There are ways to see your partner’s facial expression during sex acts that you would have missed out on before. I could wax lyrical about the LUVVU mirror for days about how beautiful, sensual, well-made and ingenious it is.
    (Review by Award winning erotic journalist Cara Sutra )
  3. Luvvu Mirror
    We get a lot of enjoyment, it’s very sexy.
    Our mirror has become an exciting addition to our bedroom playtime, it’s very erotic to see the reflection of our bodies from above. Really impressed with the quality of the mirror and packaging, very straightforward to install and take down. Highly Recommended.
    (Review by Anonymous couple)
  4. Luvvu Mirror
    Lots of fun.
    We got some toys out when the mirror was up, it was a lot of fun!
    (Review by Lisa)
  5. Luvvu Mirror
    Great Product.
    The reflection from above is very flattering, I love how we looked together.
    (Review by Chrissie & Jon)
  6. Luvvu Mirror
    Loved the product.
    Seeing my boyfriend's reflection was such a turn on.
    (Review by Jen)

Five Simple steps to installing your LUVVU mirror

  1. Decide on your preferred position for your mirror, for example over your bed. Attach the ceiling fixture to your ceiling using the 3 screws provided (you’ll only have to do this once).
  2. Decide which side of the mirror you want to enjoy and place this side down, insert the legs through their openings on the mirror and attach the ball turners; you’ll hear a click which shows they are securely attached.
  3. Supporting the mirror by its frame, lift it towards the ceiling and insert the ceiling connector into the ceiling fixture, rotate clockwise until it stops and release your grip on the mirror frame so that it locates into its safe position.
  4. Once installed rotate the ball turners to adjust the mirror’s height and angle.
  5. Enjoy!


You can download our installation manual in PDF format here.

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