Our Story

Who would have thought a chance encounter at Glastonbury in 2010 would lead to a love affair, an entrepreneurial partnership and the creation of a seductive brand and unique pleasure product?

This is the story of LUVSENSE london...

LUVSENSE london meet for the first time

June  2010

Elizabeth and Neil meet at Glastonbury where he tells her about his secret idea for a mirror which adults can enjoy in their bedrooms.

The start of the journey

October  2011

Elizabeth & Neil start to research Neil’s idea, and Neil sketches the initial concept of what will become the LUVVU mirror. They commission the first professional product designs and call the first prototype The Sexsee!

Expanding their network

February  2012

Elizabeth and Neil meet the owners of Coco De Mer and Lovehoney, Neal Slateford and Richard Longhurst. Neal Slateford goes on to support Elizabeth and Neil with his advice and connections.

The product evolves

July  2012

Neil continues to develop the functionality of the mirror, including its removable balls which enable its height and angle to be adjusted.

A brand is born

January  2013

Elizabeth focuses on brand identity; she finds out that the Greek definition of kaleidoscopic is 'observation of beautiful forms', and works with a designer to create the iconic LUVSENSE london kaleidoscope logo.

Then a baby arrives

July  2014

Elizabeth and Neil’s daughter is born.

Lights, Camera, Action!

March  2015

With help from interior stylist Amoria Bridle, erotic designer Adele Brydges, and lingerie courtesy of Loveday london, Elizabeth and Neil transform their living room into a beautiful boudoir. They work with a film crew to shoot the LUVVU mirror in the seductive LUVSENSE london film.

Packaging, instructions, manufacturing

June  2015

Elizabeth and Neil work on finalising packaging designs, product instructions and manufacturing plans so that they can launch the LUVVU mirror in 2015, 5 years after they met.